Združenje prevajalskih podjetij


Arhiv: Podjetje Advanced International Translations (AIT) za člane ZPP pripravilo posebno ugodno ponudbo

Special offer for the members of Slovenian Association of Translation Companies (SATC) from Advanced International Translations (AIT), a developer of translation management software.

Get a 30% discount for the programs and free yourself from accounting and administrative routine.

  •  Translation Office 3000 manages workload for freelance translators, which ensures efficient and profitable business. The software helps to deal with the clients and prospects, manage accounting tasks, arrange and prioritise resources, and meet deadlines without stress. More info at http://www.translator3000.com.
  • Projetex manages workload for translation agencies. The software ensures smooth work of freelance and in-house experts, simplifies auditing and accounting, helps setting priorities and guarantees projects be done on time. More info at http://www.translationmanagementsoftware.com.
  • AnyCount counts words for 37 file formats. More info at http://www.wordcountsoftware.com.

To claim your discount click the link: http://special.translation3000.com/discount_for_satc_members.

Advanced International Translations (AIT) is a supplier of translation management software for freelance translators and translation agencies. Since 1998, AIT has developed 11 software tools for translators and language-service providers. Thousands of translators and translation agencies use our software worldwide.